Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Family Update

O.K. so I don't know that anyone really reads this but it's here so I thought I'd give a family update...Here we go!

J. Ward: Still teaching at BYU. He is also teaching a night class at the BYU Salt Lake Center this term. Still over-seeing the 'ROVER" remote telescope project...this is a telescope that he set up near Delta, Utah that can be operated remotely from home. He has gotten many students involved in making this project work and it has been a great thing for the undergraduate astronomy at BYU. He is also editing the Physical Science 100 text book, updating it for the next round. Along with all the work stuff, J. Ward is the Young Men's President in our ward and the camp-out season is just beginning! In addition, he continues to be an amazing husband, friend, father, etc. etc. as well as working hard in the yard to get it in shape for the upcoming summer festivities.

Cindy: Still taking care of home and family, working for the ASP Conference series, and in the Stake Relief Society Presidency. Currently helping to plan for a summer family reunion, getting children home for a visit from far away places, organizing and planning for Jeanette's summer wedding, and helping to take care of her dad. Also helping J. Ward get the yard in shape. Busy times!!

Stephen: Stephen married Melissa Thurlow in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple last December. They are currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii while Steve gets his PhD in some kind of Japanese Linguistics program. Hopefully they will end up back here close in a few years! We love Melissa and are happy to have her as an addition to our family! They will be home for a visit in July and we can't wait!

Emily: Emily and Mike and the kids are still in Aberdeen, Scotland while Mike finishes up his degree in Physio Therapy. He will be done in January of 2012 and they will, hopefully, be coming back to this country to settle down! For pictures, updates, and a 'fun read' see Emily's blog at www.bestisthewest.blogspot.com.

Jeanette: Jeanette is getting married!! The wedding will be on July 22nd and we are all so excited! She is marrying Evan Pressely from Craig, Colorado. They met at their Stake Institute class back in November of last year. This one really seems to be a match made in Heaven and we couldn't be happier for them both. Welcome our family, Evan!!! They will be living in Provo while Evan finishes up at BYU. He is studying Urban Planning/pre-med, I think, and plans to go on to Grad. School to study Optometry. Jeanette is working at the corporate offices for Central Bank, in Provo.

Aaron: Aaron has been living here at home for awhile to save some $$. We have loved having him here!! He works at Macy's in Orem and is attending BYU, studying Ancient Near-eastern Studies. He is a bright one, that Aaron!! He is the Choir Director in his ward and every time I have heard his choir sing I have gotten goose bumps and tears, they are amazing!! He really is a multi-faceted, multi-talented guy...I love him!!

Alan: Is currently serving a mission in the Washington, Seattle mission. He is in Enumclaw, Washington and has served about half of his mission there at one time or another. He is a fantastic missionary and we are so proud of him! He is a Zone Leader and just got a new companion as well as a new 'trainee'. I'm not sure how many new missionaries he has trained but I think it has been quite a few! His tentative release date is August 23rd and I, for one, can hardly wait!! Come fall semester Alan and Aaron will be moving over to Provo for the new BYU semester.

Heather: Soon to be the lone child at home, Heather just completed 9th grade at the Jr. High. NO MORE JUNIOR HIGH for this family!! She starts Driver's Ed. today...ahhhhhhh.....!!!! She plays the violin, is in the Color Guard for American Fork High Marching Band, and is a wonderful friend, daughter and young woman. She will be 16 in September and already has 'boys' waiting to ask her out. She is developing into a fun, friendly, and kind person and she keeps us young!!

Roxy: The fat, black, cat is still here and as quirky as ever. She thinks she is a dog, is sometimes quite annoying (especially at 6:00m a.m. when she wants everyone to wake up and pet her.) but we love her and enjoy having her around.

Zeus: Alas, poor Zeus, the family dog, grew old and we had to have him put down a few months ago. He was going deaf and blind and seemed to be in a constant state of panic. He was incontinent and at times confused and a bit senile. He is now on to a better place and I am sure he is much happier! We miss him but are grateful for the many (15) years of love and devotion he brought to our family.

Well, that's the update...who knows how long it will be before I do this again but I doubt it gets read anyway!! See ya!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yes, We Are Still Alive!

It has been so long since I've posted anything. I guess since we came home from Saipan I haven't felt like there has been anything exciting to say. But, since it's a new year I've decided to get better at posting new stuff. Hopefully, there will be interesting things now and then!

We had a wonderful time over the holidays. Everyone was home, except for Alan, of course. Alan is doing great on his mission! He is in Enumclaw, a town just at the base of Mt. Ranier and from the pictures he has sent, it looks beautiful! He is having lots of succes and really seems to love it there.

Stephen was home from Ohio for a couple of weeks. Aaron stayed here at home over the break and Jeanette was here for a few days. The house just comes alive when everyone is home! Mike, Emily, and Andrew are now officially British. They left last week, headed for Aberdeen, Scotland for two years while Mike goes to graduate school. I miss them terribly but I know this is the right thing for them. Thank goodness for 'Skype' so my little Andrew doesn't forget me! I went and bought some picture books today so I can read to him when they call!!

Heather made the team for Winter Color Guard and is loving it. There first show will be the end of January and I am anxious to watch the show!

J.Ward and I are continuing on with work, church etc. We are hoping to make a trip over to Scotland just as soon as we can!

Well, that's about it for now. I'll try to post some pictures soon!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Total (Almost) Eclipse of the Sun!

Well, one of the big reasons we are in Saipan now has come and gone. On July 22nd, there was a Solar Eclipse. It was not total, but about 70-75%. It was total in China but from what I heard on the news, it was difficult to see there because of cloudy weather. Here in Saipan, it was a bit cloudy all morning but just before the eclipse was due to start, the clouds cleared and we had a perfect view the entire time! J.Ward gave a presentation and just as he concluded we could see the first little "bite" out of the sun. They had a telescope aimed at the sun and then projected that image onto a large screen T.V. so people could watch that way. We also had some "viewers" that people could hold up to their eyes and look directly at the sun without injury. We had a very good turn out with lots of excited people!
Here is the eclipse at the beginning.
Here it is a few minutes later.
And then a few minutes after that.

Here it is almost at the maximum here in Saipan.

This is a picture of the maximum that we saw here in Saipan. The final picture was taken through the telescope with the special filter. All in all, a very exciting day! And one that probably won't come around for another 130 years. Atleast not one of this duration, according to our own "Astronomer in Residence"!